Gayatri Movie Review Mohan Babus Powerful Play

Gayatri Movie Review: Mohan Babu’s Powerful Play
Dialogue King Mohan Babu came back with a highly emotional family drama film ‘Gayatri’ directed by Madan. After taking a long break, Mohan Babu is playing dual roles and Telugu actors like Manchu Vishnu, Shriya Saran, Anasuya Bharadwaj and Nikhila Vimal are also sharing the screen. Mohan Babu is so confident about the success of the movie. So, will this Gayatri movie give the much-awaited success to Mohan Babu? Let’s see in our review.

Gayatri Movie Story:

Shivaji (Mohan Babu) is a theater artist and gives life to orphans. And, he also finds the parents of those orphans and tries to reunite them. Besides this, Shivaji in search to find his daughter Gayatri (Nikhila Vimal) and finds her. But, he knows that she hates her father for her own reasons. Shivaji is in trials to know the truth about his daughter. At that time, he gets to know that his daughter Gayatri is having a rivalry with a rowdy sheeter Gayatri Patel (Mohan Babu). Then, how Shivaji saved his daughter Gayatri from Gayatri Patel takes the rest of the story. What is the reason for a rivalry between Shivaji and Gayatri Patel? Why Gayatri hates her father? Who are Manchu Vishnu and Shriya Saran in this movie? How Shrestha (Anasuya Bharadwaj) turns the story? You should have to watch the movie on a screen to get answers for these all.

Gayatri Movie Synopsis:

Gayatri movie is a great comeback for Mohan Babu with power-packed performance and dialogues. Diamond Ratnababu has given an intense family story with full of emotions and dialogues. It’s a great feeling to watch Mohan Babu delivering those tremendous dialogues. Mohan Babu has played two different roles with ease and impressed everyone with his signature styles. He has done well in action scenes also. Manchu Vishnu has played the younger role of Shivaji and it’s a tough role for him to carry those emotions and he has carried that role well. Shriya Saran as Saradha (W/o Shivaji) is impressive in the limited role and she has given tremendous expressions that take your attention. Nikhil Vimal as Gayatri has played the key role and impressed in every scene and mostly in emotional scenes. Anasuya Bharadwaj as journalist Shrestha has done the decent job but her role is not synced to the emotions by considering her performance. The flashback that features Manchu Vishnu as young Shivaji and Shriya Saran as Saradha is an interesting part of the movie. Thaman music is good in two songs. But, his background score is very good and added the required depth to the scenes. Talking about the director, Madan has done a great job to portray Mohan Babu in two different roles and handles well to narrate the intense family drama to the audience. But, he has taken much time in first half and mixed some unnecessary scenes in the first half. But, we can see his brilliance from the second half. He should have to focus on a screenplay to get engage the audience well in the first half. Sarvesh Murari cinematography is decent and captured the scenes with his Excellency.

Gayatri Movie Plus Points:

1. Mohan Babu performance
2. Manchu Vishnu & Shriya Saran performance
3. Sentiment & Family drama
4. Story & Dialogues
5. Background score

Gayatri Movie Minus Points:

1. Few scenes in First Half
2. Screenplay at some places
3. Songs deviates the flow

Gayatri Movie Verdict:

On the whole, Gayatri movie is a power-packed come back for Mohan Babu and he steals the show with his performance and dialogues. This movie easily connects with the family audience and mass audience. The main cast has done great work in this movie and gives a good feel at the end of titles. If you are a fan of Mohan Babu and wants to see his brilliance in acting, then you must watch this one. We are recommending this movie to you and your family for this weekend.

Gayatri Movie Rating: 3 / 5

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