చిట్టి చిలకమ్మ పద్యం జగన్ చెప్తే ఇలా ఉంటుంది

Siva Reddy on how Jagan will say ‘Chitti Chilakamma
Tollywood Comedian and well known mimicry artiste, Siva Reddy imitated several political leaders, including YSRCP chief, Jagan. The rhyme, Chitti Chilakamma is usually taught to nursery kids. Siva Reddy is adept at modulating his voice to suit any public speaker, especially political leaders, who have a typical style of speaking. He mimics their tone as well as diction to near perfection. It is only through constant observation that he has been able to imbibe and imitate the leading personalities, Siva Reddy said.

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